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Have you been let down? Have they crushed your heart? Did you plan them into your world, but they didn’t plan you into theirs? Are you out of balance with your head spinning? Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan with the one you want. Never quit on your destiny because some one quit on you!

You may feel isolated, hurt and out of balance. Healthy Relationships breed creativity, innovation, productivity and multiplication. Unhealthy relationships breed stagnation, depletion of energy, digression and loss of focus. So just like we can recognize healthy food from unhealthy food; recognize healthy relationships from unhealthy relationships. Donuts and cake may taste delicious but you will get sick if that’s all you eat. A balanced diet can include sweets in moderation without tipping the scales. Too much of anything can lead to imbalance.

Imbalance is the deficiency of proportion or lack of relation between corresponding things; a scarcity of harmony, lopsidedness, a gulf, a disproportionate amount of compatibility, shortfall or consistent inconsistencies. Unhealthy and imbalanced people can cause you to tip the scales. Unhealthy relationships can cause you to fall and blur your vision. Don’t just lay there on the ground with your head spinning!! Get UP! Dust yourself off. Get your balance back. Regaining you may take a little work and some time. However, your balance, health, and destiny depend on it.

Recognizing and relating to balanced people can help you have balanced and meaningful relationships. Walking on tightropes is for the circus, even a Circus Clown comes down. Relationships take ground work. Realize who is willing to put in the work with you. Love you and love who loves you back. I hope this message helps your journey.

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