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Ashamed. Broken. Hurt. Torn from the sheets. Dragged down the street. Mocked. Talked about. How can I be in this situation? I thought I finally found Mr. Right. I didn’t know that he was married; until it was too late. My heart was entangled. My mind was captivated by his words that replayed over and over again. Yet here I stand in front of my neighbors, friends, and family members. Everyone laughing and filming me. My momma said, I wasn’t gonna be nothing. I guess that’s why I’m here alone. He didn’t even try to fight for me! I’m too ashamed to look up and too ashamed to move. Their shouts begin to dissipate. Through my tears, I see someone writing something in the dirt. Ugh the dirt, “I feel so dirty!”

Suddenly, the man that was writing rises. I heard a profound voice say, “If any of you have never sinned, then go ahead and throw the first stone at her!” I clinched eyes and prepared for the pain to hit me. All I could here was the stones hitting the ground and steps walking away. They walked away in silence now with their heads dropped in shame. “Who was he who saved me?”

Now we were alone, the man and I stood face to face. Then He said, no innocent one is left to accuse you. You go now, and do not do it again. I felt something different when I heard those words go now, do not do it again. Those simple words did something for me that I hadn’t been able to do for myself. He forgave me. He didn’t judge me. He gave me a way to end that chapter of my life and start new.

I hope you enjoyed my short story inspired by the women caught in adultery from John 8:3-12. The people that snatched her out of bed didn’t realize they had just turned the tables in her favor forever. Why could she end that chapter of her life and begin fresh and new? That event dragged her to a much needed place of forgiveness and freedom. Confrontations do not always end in devastation. Confronting the situation can lead to healing, understanding and moving forward. The forgiveness was for her. Just like forgiveness is for you. Holding on to unforgiveness just causes you to be stuck like a cork in a bottle ready to burst! Release the pressure today and begin your journey to freedom.

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