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Calling All Queens!

If you are TIRED of living a mediocre, mundane life, accepting the breadcrumbs from people, places, and things, then this book is for YOU!

If you KNOW you were designed to live an abundant life in your home, work, business, and in your relationships, then this book is for YOU!

If you DESIRE to step out on even BIGGER BOLDER FAITH in Christ, then this book is for YOU!

Journey with Dr. Nakita Davis and 11 other extraordinarily dynamic Queens who refuse to play small in this season and the next!
Hear the testimonials, words of encouragement, sound wisdom, tips, and strategies ordained by GOD in Faith to usher you into YOUR Greater NOW!

No More BreadCrumbs, Sis!
We Buying The Bakery

Our Queens Came to WIN BIG and so can YOU!

Queen, It's Time to Play Your Royal Position!

No More Breadcrumbs, Sis!

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