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As Christians called to the marketplace, we must be properly prepared for marketplace ministry. Jesus' family was in the carpentry business. When Jesus was alive, He was often known by His entrepreneurial spirit more than His rabbi anointing. With this said, Christians succeeding in the marketplace is also a part of our Christian heritage. When the Children of Israel were delivered from the bondage of Pharaoh, one of the promises God said to them was that if they remember Him, He would give them power to produce wealth. This book, "Let The Kingdompreneurs Speak," is a resource tool to help facilitate this promise. It is designed to help Christians transition more smoothly into entrepreneurship, and to avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls people often encounter when establishing a profitable business. There are lots of tips and secrets in this book to prepare you for the marketplace.

6x9 paperback book

Let the Kingdomprenuer Speak

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