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Journey with 12 Audaciously Bold- Courageous women who are shattering glass ceilings and crushing every stereotype that says they cannot, should not, and would not succeed.

Yet, these women, by the grace of God continue to succeed, again and again.

Find out exactly what it takes for these women to defy the odds, disrupt the status quo, and blaze a trail for women around the globe and their communities to follow suit. Strongly rooted in their core foundations of faith; these powerhouse visionaries don’t just talk a good game, but they live it with their actions too!

Now, these remarkable women have come together under the sound leadership of International Best-Selling Visionary Author and thriving Success Coach, Angel Riley, and Coach Krystal Henry, Dr. Nakita Davis- CEO of Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. to compile all of their wins, losses, and lessons on their unique journey to limitless success!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Equipped for Success.

6x9 paperback book

Success Chronicles Volume 1

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