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All The Preacher’s Wives is an anthology featuring the real-life stories of 20 amazing women of God and their lives as the wives of preachers. The book illustrates an image of how lonely and exciting a life can be as a pastor’s wife. The challenge is many can only see these women as the beautifully styled, often soft-spoken, and respectful first ladies. But All The Preacher’s Wives demonstrates how these women of God face the same issues that all marriages face.

The book is also a personal guide and ministry for women (and men) who consider joining this very unique sisterhood. There has not been a book or major movement like this since Lois Evans (the wife of Tony Evans). But All The Preacher’s Wives provides a glimpse into how things are within the marriage, the congregation, family life, and money. Get ready for the presentation of “All The Preacher’s Wives.”

Authors include: Dr. Velma Bagby, Apostle Chosen Boston, Rev. Josie Cooper, TreSonya Madison Durden, MaLena Evans, Gina Fields, Undrea "Shay" Gray, Pastor Jamie Haddock, Pastor Dorothy Henley, Coach Krystal Henry, Author Liza Hines, Pastor Patricia Jackson, Author Melanie M. Johnson, Merl Johnson, Author Linda Kornegay, Pastor Brandie Manigault, Dr. Nina McGhee, Dr. Trivia Payne, Tenelle Torrence, and Petra (Anonymous)

All The Preachers Wives

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