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“Made To Lead Millions” will undoubtly bring healing, encouragement, enlightenment, as well as help many find their way to productive and effective leadership successes. 
-Dr. Pat Moore-Coney, Teacher

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WHAT-IF YOU captured the heart of the man that no one thought would ever settle down! WHAT-IF after twenty-five years, you are still married! I sought out adequate books, a spiritual confidant, and mentors that could understand the many facets of ministry, marriage, family, and church. However, the wisdom I was seeking was already in me and I became the mentor to the ones that were supposed to mentor me. My hope is to inspire, empower, and motivate you to your fullest potential of YOU! Nobody can beat you in being You! I will help you push the unbelievable YOU out of you! I am a Mindset, Success, Author and Business Coach certified by the Tony Gaskins Academy, WriteOn Ghostwriting Academy, and Dr. Shirley Clark of Anointed for Business Leadership Institute. I am a Five-Time Amazon Best Selling Author, Podcaster, Publisher, Radio Personality, and Motivational Speaker. I have been certified in business to help Executives, Ministerial Leaders, and confidence seekers move from your  “What If to your What Is!!” Get ready for your remarkable transformation! 

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I Coach

My purpose is to ignite you, empower you, encourage you, and equip you through the vicissitudes of life. I am a Success, Life, Love, and Leadership Coach that leads you out of your current mindset and/ or circumstance into greater! 

I Speak

I have been preaching, speaking, motivating, and teaching for over twenty years at numerous events, retreats, and conferences. I have been interviewed and hosted radio broadcasts, podcasts and Christian television broadcasts for over four years. I have been the Mistress of Ceremony,  officiated weddings, and funerals. 

I Write

I am the author of “The Elements of You: Comfort, Image, and Thirst”. I am a contributing author in the book called :Letters to the First Lady: Devotional for Pastor’s Wives & Women Married to Ministry Leaders (Volume One).  have just completed another book that will be released later this summer of 2021.

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What leaders are saying about Coach Krystal

Amazing Speaker

Krystal Henry was captivating. She delivered a message to our audience at the Back to School Net Challenge: Providing A Safety Net for Children and their Family event.  She combined her body of expertise with the information to meet the immediate needs of providing safety tips for school-aged children.  Her delivery was passionate, sincere, and exemplary. She provided examples, inserted humor to make it fun for children and adults and successfully gave a highly focused presentation which demonstrated her superb communication skills and gave our audience much needed and useful takeaways. I am certain, true learning took place. The children, parents and other guests left feeling excited, motivated, prepared and equipped for the school year ahead. Nailed it!!! What can’t she speak on! Wow! What an amazing speaker!



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